Five steps towards your journey to self-discovery are:

  1. Satya – Purity / Truth.
  2. Swatantrata : – Freedom – not from yourself but “of ” yourself. Freedom from your ego.
  3. Sankalpa :- Will power to fuel your journey
  4. Sahas : – Courage to step ouf of your ego, embrace the change and take a leap of faith into the uncertainly.
  5. Sanyam : – Conserving your energies to travel inwards.

I will explain each and every of these progressive steps in my incoming blogs one by one.


There is nothing pure than truth. It is pure, absolute and eternal. It is not my truth, or your truth, it is always “The Truth”. We go way from our truthful self by :

  1. The lies we tell
  2. The Secrets we keep
  3. The Truth we hide

They tarnish the mirror of our conscience like spots of dirt. When you see your face in that spotted mirror, you see your face freckled. Freckles are not on the face but in the mirror you see in. If you see dirt around you is because your mirror is dirty. So clean the mirror of your inner conscience. And how do we do that? By

  1. Compassion
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Compassion





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