I had the great fortune of spending last weekend ( 22nd to 24th May 2015 ) at Bamarang Bush Resort. My passion for yoga always inspires me to do yoga ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, with ANYBODY and with NOBODY. Hope my following experiences would inspire you to do the same…

Morning of 23rd May at 07.00 am.

We did Vinayasa Yoga at 07.00 am on 23rd May. Climbed up on the top of the mountain connect with the nature thereafter. It was quite a challenging climb but we made it to the top. And there, we sat for meditation, at the highest rock looking down at beautiful green meadows, cows grazing and lazing in the morning Sun, calm and quiet river flowing in the Valley and another mountain rising on the farther shore of the river. During Meditation, I felt myself growing larger and larger, expanding out of my body and turning into very bright white light. Very luminous and felt myself developing wings and jumping off the cliff. And it was such a divine experience of slowing flowing downwards ( like a hang glider ) slowly and slowly spiralling downwards and landing on the green meadow. After I landed on the green grass, all the cows slowing gathered around me, looking at me in great awe and wonder. At that time, I felt no less that Lord Krishna who used to take the cows for grazing. In fact I heard the sweet music of his flute all around me. And this out of body experience was most profound, can not be described in words.

Morning of 24th May at 07.00 am.


Practiced Ashtanga Yoga this morning, a bit more challenging and advanced. This time we walked through the meadows and sat on the bank or the river under a huge tree which seems to be there forever. I felt as if it was my ” Bodhi Tree”. ( Bodhi Tree is the tree under which Buddha got his enlightenment about 2,500 years ago. The descendant of this tree is still there in India ). And during meditation, my consciousness strated expanding beyond my body. It expanded in the shape of my body to start with but became shapeless, formless. And I am reaching higher, higher feeling as light as a cloud, flying to freedom, farther and farther away. And I felt myself reaching and touching the rising Sun…

Now here is the best part. I heard the Sun telling me, ” you bloody fool!!! ( Yes, literally, word by word ), ” you bloody food!!!” I have been reaching you each day and everyday without fail for the last 63 and a half years… ever since you were borne. Even though you might have seen raining, clooudy, but I have been there each day for you.  In fact, I have been reaching you for billions of years, but you would not understand that, so do not bother even trying to understand it. Your mind is not equipped to digest what I am ( THE SUN )  saying…and it is NOW after all these years you have got time to reach me???!!! IT’S ABOUT TIME. NOW STAY IN TOUCH…..

And that was just like switching flood lights in a dark space….. ( I am got goose bumps writing about it ). That is what Enlightenment is all about…… ( And this has been a life altering experience for me. I am in a state of constant floating….) I have never ever felt so free in my life…. free of all materials, relations, possessions, fears, FREE FROM MY OWN SELF….


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