Or Sunset - happy ending?

Is it Sunrise -new begining?

Realisation is the top rung of the ladder of knowledge.

Bottom run starts from :
We live in the age of information overload. Thanks to the internet, there is so much influx of information available at the touch of a button that you can’t cover it even in a million of lifetimes…
And what good is that information unless it evolves to higher stages, i.e. from information to
is when the information is absorbed by an individual. But it is like a food which has not yet been digested. So understanding has to evolve to the next rung on the step, i.e.
is understanding digested by the individual like when food digested, converts into energy. Next step is:
is knowledge adopted in a lifestyle. You not only know the truth, you live the truth..
is the final stage when living the truth sets you free….
Here is a little write up when I was dealing with the loss of a loved one :
” I have met a mate in my soul.
A very pleasant spring happened in my life recently, so pleasant like rain in the desert. The experience took me to the very heights of ecstasy and when it ended, I drowned to the very depths of despair and loss…..
A very dear friend guided me to address the Universe with my problem. If I articulate my experience with the Universe in words, it would be like a question answer session as following ( the Universe bombarding me with questions, probably very very angry at my foolishness) :
Q. Did you earn the spring season which happened in your life recently?
A. No Sir.
Q. Did you deserve it?
A. No Sir?
Q. Did you own it?
A. No Sir.
Q. Then how can you lose what you did not own at the very first place?
    Why are you grieving the loss which never happened. Which is only in your mind..
     Why are you confusing a life situation with life itself ? A wave with the Ocean ?
     Why do you think when the wave ends, it is the ending of the ocean?
     What stops you from thinking that the wave has not ended, but it has become the ocean?
     Does’nt life go on after an event or a situation has ended?
     Why don’t you understand the cycle of life? Changing of seasons in a rythmic pattern? That the spring would come
      again in due time…. In the mean time, why don’t you enjoy summer, rain and winter too?
     Why are you resisting the flow of life? Why don’t you let life flow naturally?
I do not know how much this blabber mean to you. ( You can just discard it as working of a tormented mind ).
But meditating on the above questions did give me a lot of relief, and deeper understanding of the working of the Universe and the meaning of life….
It has helped me coming back to the centre of my inner being …..

Category : Blog Posted on March 24, 2014

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