Pasqualina got rid of headaches and still neck through Yoga Practice

Pasqualina recovered from her regular / recurring headaches and neck tension.  She enjoys high powered job as a buyer for the popular brand ” Best and Less “.

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Pasqualina Peters <[email protected]> Sat, Nov 22, 2014 at 8:56 AM

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Hi Sukhraj,
I wanted to write a short email to let you know the positive effects of yoga on my body and mind. I have
recently returned to yoga(1month) and already I have noticed an amazing change in my body both physically and mentally. I used to suffer neck tension which leads to headaches. This mainly, as a result of working in a job which is predominately computer based. Since starting yoga I have stretched and lengthened these neck muscles as well as learnt to breathe better and become more aware of my overall posture.

I truly believe this has helped with relieving tension. I also have really enjoyed the meditation part of our yoga classes whereby I am able to really relax and lose myself for a short while letting go of the day to day stress of life. I have not had a headache since starting yoga and as a result I intend on keeping it up as an important part of my general well being. It has been an enjoyable part of my day and I find myself looking forward to my yoga class each day.




25 Feb 2017, at 10:17 PM, Suzanne Leal <[email protected]> wrote:Suzanne Leal Senior Judge, 2017 NSW Premier’s Literary Awardswww.suzanneleal.com | [email protected] | 0419 235 922

“The Light of Yoga is the only yoga school in Malabar and Sukhraj is an experienced and talented teacher of yoga.  Practising yoga with Sukhraj helps me to manage a busy and often stressful career and gives me tools to manage my weekly commitments with calmness and mindfulness.”



Denise McGarry is an educationist teaching school children mindfulness meditation, career guidance and counselling. She has been coming with her two daughters – Izzy and Amy for yoga classes.     _ SukhRaj. This is her feedback in her own words:

“I felt for many years that my value was rooted in outward appearances, and that l would never be confident in who I am. Yoga has taught me that true confidence can only come from within. Yoga is practiced outside to allow us to truly connect with the universe..We are reminded to use all our senses to visualise our environment not just our eyes and to practice gratitude for what we have. Sukh Raj gently guides us  through each pose explaining not only how we move our body but also why we move our body. Convential medicine was not fully addressing my sciatic pain, but I find that  the natural endorphins released after a class combined with Sukh Raj’s knowledge and techniques has been truly beneficial. I sleep better after a class…I only wish I could fit more classes into my weekly schedule……..”


LISA SHEPHARD : Lisa Shephard : Model for “The Light of Yoga”  is blessed with two beautiful children and a loving husband.

” Yoga with Raj was my haven during my time in Sydney. He has a true gift and personifies yoga for me. He is a wonderful teacher and I miss his class dearly. I can’t recommend him enough!”



Most beautiful words and the best comments I have ever received.



izz z [email protected]

I’ve  been going to Light of Yoga for over a year. With such a welcoming vibe you can relax as soon as you walk in & leave your worries at the door. SukhRaj is a great friend and a great teacher, i am grateful for his guidance during my yoga journey. With an outdoor setting we feel the breeze,the plants and see the stars, i love each session and highly recommend it to people of all levels.


Judd Jury [email protected]ech.net.au

Jul 6

“My body is happy with me”, were the first words I spoke after doing Yoga. Sukh Raj from The Light of Yoga has and is still taking me through the amazing journey of learning Yoga. Nothing in this world quite prepared me for what I would expect to discover, and Sukh Raj has been the greatest of teachers. All the Yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation that he teaches are so unique. You feel so very content, gratified, and very lucky to be experiencing this journey. The Inner Light of Yoga’s studio is very beautiful and Sukh Raj has created a mini paradise to learn in, that helps you to release the week’s tension.

Once I was a non-believer in Yoga, now I’m a true believer. The Light of Yoga is the place for you to become a believer as well.

Judd Jury

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