Yoga is known for its ability to heal and bring peace of mind. Learn how to stretch and tone while slowing down the breath. Regular practice of Yoga brings greater flexibility, good health and peace of mind. Classes are suitable for all levels from beginners up. Yoga Practce is most effective when done with an empty stomach. Expand your life experience from modern day mere Cerebral living to rejuvenating your whole being at deeply cellular level.

Yoga helps you in getting in touch with your inner bliss, beauty and balance. Regular Yoga practice would help you rejuvenate and build harmony and balance between your body,nthmind and soul to attain physical fitness, mental health and spiritual strength.


A typical beginner’s session of Hatha Yoga would consist of Yoga Asanas involving stretching of muscles, extension of joints, ligaments and tendons – the unsung heroes of your body, guided by deep breathing – pranayama for about forty minutes. It is followed by five minutes of deep relaxation and fifteen minutes of meditation.


Medium level classes would follow principles of Ashtanga Yoga which are more challenging physically. The kneeling salutes in the beginner’s class are expanded to full- fledged Salutes to the Sun. Other postures like the Warrior and the Triangle postures are combined into more challenging postures like Bent Knee Triangle. Sarvangasana – the shoulder stand is introduced.


This stage follows the Vinayasa Yoga movement and the postures get more challenging. For example Bent Knee Triangle would be converted into Reverse Bent Knee Triangle. Head Stand to be done only in case of one on one sessions.


One on one sessions on Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation and / or combination of all are conducted through appointment.


There are over a dozen different practices of Pranayama – Breathing techniques and exercises aimed at bringing  rythm, peace and harmony between your mind, body and soul. They can calm your mind, activate energy, cool down your body or heat it up, bringing balance and harmony in your whole being.


Aimed at awakening your kundalini ( life force energy ) from lower ” Root Chakra” to higher “Third Eye and the Crown Chakra” A Chakra is a Vortex of energy – like a junction, a rotating disc which distributes energy from its centre to all other parts of the body, mind and soul.


“Kama” is Creative Sex Energy. Lord Krishna describes himself as ” Kama” the life creating energy among all the energies in the Universe. ” Kama Sutra” is over five thousand years old treatise – an enlightening gift from India to the world. Sessions based on ” Tantric Yoga” to activate and balance Purusha and Prakriti – male and female ( yin and yang ) energies in an individual to enjoy the flow of life to fulfillment.


The composition of the class, age group, fitness levels and medical condition of the participants would be major determining factor for what happens in the class. The first principle Patanjali wrote for a Yoga practice is that the system of Yoga is not above the individual. It is the individual who is more important. The class should be tailor made, choreographed according to the needs, fitness level, body strength and body proportions of the individual who comes to seek guidance, good health and well being.