About Us

SukhRaj is an Honours Graduate in Psychology. He stood first in the entire University of Delhi, India and won a GOLD MEDAL for securing the first position in the University. He then did his Master’s in Business Management (M.B.A.) from The Faculty of Management Studied, University of Delhi, Delhi, India. Thereafter, SukhRaj has had a very successful high fly career of an Export Manager in Several Multi-National Companies of India, Indonesia and Australia. Life changed after being diagnosed with Diabetes and he put his life in the slows lane – health became his major passion.

He has been doing Yoga Practice ever since he was a teenager. In the late sixties when Beatles came to India, SukhRaj ran away from college with some of his friends to see Beatles in the Asharam of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Since Beatles were learning Yoga, SukhRaj and his friends too join their Bandwagon. Specially George Harrison was a big fan of Indian Culture. Indian Kurtas bacame so popular, and everyone sporting long hair, long side burns, and long drooping moustaches. In simple terms, we were hippies.

SukhRaj has been practicing Yoga off and on ever since. Refreshing his skills and knowledge in various Asharams of India from time to time including the Aparana Asharam in New Delhi run by Swami Dhirendra Brahmchari.

He has been running Yoga Studio since 2003.