Is’nt it wonderful to hear from a old long lost classmate after half a Century??

Is’nt it great to hear from an old classmate after half a Century? ( I love to see it as half a Century rather than 50 years !). For the sake of friends who do not know Hindi, have translated Hindi words which is written in English script.

Hello school time classmate
I see your photo on facebook, aapki ankhen abhi bhee vaisee hee hain jaisee schooltime mein thee, ( YOUR EYES ARE THE SAME AS BEFORE) muje yadd hai ke aapki family ne school library banwai thee, ( I REMEMBER YOUR FAMILY DONATED SCHOOL LIBRARY BUILDING ) aap first bencher thhe,scoler thhe, ( YOU WERE FIRST BENCHER SCHOLAR ) bakki aapki aur se kuch likhne ke bad, ( REST AFTER YOUR WRITING SOMETHING )
Kamal Kapoor

Well Kamal, thank you for your kind words. Thanks for reminding such wonderful childhood we spent together. And thanks to this social media who is bringing old long lost friends together….

Category : Blog Posted on October 31, 2014

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