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Most of you are already aware of the developments. Here is an update on revival of Yoga classes which is self-explanatory. I am now just a step away from reviving Yoga and Meditation classes at my Yoga Centre:
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Hello Ms. Anne,
Hope you have had a great weekend.
Submitting herewith the following facts for your kind perusal and consideration.
It has been over two months since my neighbour complained about the Yoga Classes. Using full powers of
the Council, she was successful in stopping the classes. But I was assured by the Council repeatedly that I
could resume the Yoga Classes as soon as the Fire Safety measures are installed in both dwellings of 1191,
Anzac Parade, Malabar, NSW-2036. As per the directions of the Council six optical smoke alarms, with
interlink cable connected with electricity were installed in both the dwellings. Report to this effect was sent
to you on 28th July 2014.
Issues were subsequently raised about the size, positioning and materials used for erection of over three
year old yoga shelter. A whole lot of data, facts and figures from M/s Bluescope Steel and the builder M/s
Tarnell Constructions Pty. Ltd. were submitted. Your manager has kindly considered the whole case and
cleared the structure.
And now, another issue of drainage has been raised. As explained in my e-mail of 7th Aug. the rainwater is
being fed to three garden beds approximately of the same area as the roof. There has never been any
problem in getting this water absorbed by the beds over the past three years. The soil is basically all sand,
very thirsty soil which can probably absorb more than double the amount of water coming from the
downpipe. (I was told that this area was known as Botany Sands before). As advised by your morning phone
call on 7th August, I have been consulting plumbing and drainage experts ever since. According to them,
this is arrangement of feeding the rainwater into the garden bed is quite sufficient . I have also learned
through them only, that the Government gives rebate for installation rainwater tanks. If it meets with your
approval, I can further install a rainwater tank which would feed not only the three beds but also the rest of
the garden. Considering how valuable and scarce water is for all of us, the Council should have no objection
to this system or recycling the water into the garden.
In any case, the matter of drainage is a totally separate issue which has no connection whatsoever of any
kind with the running of yoga classes.
You are therefore requested to kindly allow me to resume over ten year’s old tradition of yoga and
meditation classes and thus allowing me to continue to serve the community.
0418409140 or 02 9345 5205.
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