The Sun rose on the horizon giving the message of total and absolute freedom – the only thing I value over family. And my mind immediately put up a question during the usual half an hour of meditation  – freedom from what? And the answer came, ” freedom from YOW – Your Own Web.”

We are all so familiar with www – world wide web, what about your own web – YOW? Which is woven by our ego through all the secrets we keep and the lies we tell, through inner conflicts and mental torments, through the yarn of anger, frustrations, fears. Through burning desires, unfulfilled wishes??

We live in shadowlands, believing that peace is out there somewhere, Sun is shining somewhere else, happiness is out there to grab, freedom is somewhere else to be conquered.

Freedom does not come through winning wars, conquering battles which could only give you momentary happiness through material gains, more power, a higher position perhaps.

According to Karma Yoga:

Forgiveness is the only weapon through which you can gain freedom. Forgiving yourself for your own actions, forgiveness of other’s actions that hurt you – for the sake of your own good and not necessarily for the sake of the person you forgive. Because until you do not forgive, you can not be free. Free from YOW, which we keep weaving around ourselves and one day get trapped in it like a spider trapped in its own web. The only world a spider knows is limited to its own web.

According to Dhayan Yoga:

Lord Christ said, ” Truth shall set you free”. This is the Mantra for inner freedom which is the doorway to your inner soul. We often confuse “Facts” with “Truth”. Facts could change over time, but truth is absolute, eternal, unborn, unending… It may be a fact that you have became a king or a queen in your dream, but it is not true. But we are living in a constant dream like state seeing the things the way we want to see, blinded and driven by desires, hopes and aspirations. Our perception is coloured by the glasses we wear. Truth would dawn upon you only when you have come out of the tyranny of your senses and the prison of your mind. Then only you would be truly  be free to see the reality as it is and not as you want it to be.

Category : Blog Posted on April 4, 2014

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