I would normally not pluck flowers from a plant as they are happy and at home and look the best in their natural surroundings. Except for roses which would survive for at least a week longer indoors after they have fully blossomed, about to fall off their branch.

On the New Year early morning, I opened the door first thing and usual, and guess what? I found a beautiful pink  flower smiling at the doorstep as if it was wishing me a Happy New Year. What a wonderful way to start the New Year.

Since I do not know the name of this flower, may be you can help. I think it is called the ” trumpet”.

I have often seen these flower falling near the plant. Can you guess who put the flower at the doorstep?FLOWERS ON PLANT


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We have heard these words so often in our lives. But how many of us realize the deep meaning underlying them. I did’t realize it either until recently and am compelled to share the experience with you.
Yes, it is not a story but my real life experience….
My Yoga studio is actually just a tin shed surrounded by beautiful trees and plants. Since it is located right at the backyard garden, some of my neighbor’s trees have crossed over to my side. I water them regularly, look after them and talk to them from time to time. And they talk back to me… Specially a big Jacaranda tree under which I feel so cool and comforted. I hug it so often. It has taught me meditation and I do most of my reading, creative writing sitting under it. It tells me that it is in meditation all the time…
But a Bougainvillea branch, the most aggressive tree in my neighbor’s side, grew its branches all over to the tin roof of the Yoga Studio. These branches make a scary, very irritating, screechy kind of noise when disturbed by the winds and it is always windy in our area being next to the Ocean … Maroubra and Malabar Beaches. And the noise has been growing louder and noisier over a few weeks disturbing yoga classes particularly the meditation sessions. And I have been wondering how to approach my neighbors whom I have never met for the last twelve years ( they are backyard neighbors ). I do not know what kind of people they are, how to ask them to cut the branch, whether they would heed to my request or react to it violently,  or whether I could jump into their yard and cut it myself… or should I call my gardener to do it … who could do the job and also be a witness..
This Saturday we got really disturbed. So I made up my mind that the first thing Sunday morning, after the yoga classes, I would climb up on the roof of the shed, or jump into my neighbors backyard if the need be and cut the branch myself ( an you know how thorny bougainvillea is ). And being such an aggressive tree, I would have to make it a regular feature. Just to be on the safe side, I decided to put a note in my neighbor’s letter box about my intentions, just in case…..
And guess what happened on Sunday morning. We started yoga as usual at 07.00 am followed by meditation at 08.00 am. And I was thinking as soon as I finish my 09.00 am class I am going to cut the branch myself. And guess what happened?
We heard a chainsaw working in my neighbor’s yard. I could not wait for the class to finish. Climbed up on the shed as soon as the class finished and saw one man cutting branches of a tree with the chain saw and another collecting the cut branches. I shouted hello to them as soon as there was a pause in chainsaw noise. They came to talk to me. I introduced myself and learned that the man collecting the branches is the new owner of the house, a young soft spoken, very nice man. I told him about the disturbance caused by the branch and requested him to do me a favour and cut it. And Guess what he told me?

That he has bought the place recently and is planning to demolish the old house and rebuild it right from the scratch. Further that he is going to get rid of most of the trees coming on the way of his plans. I requested if he could only save the Jacaranda tree …
And when I came home in the evening, Bougainvillea was gone. Imagine I was only planning to get rid of only its disturbing branch, but the whole tree was gone. Not only that, a whole row of other trees were gone. Now we do Yoga in setting Sun’s light ( Sunrise and Sunsets are two most fascinating events of the day, and wherever I am, whatever I am doing, I drop everything and spend fifteen minutes in meditation whenever the day meets the night or the night meets the day). There is less darkness, less mosquitoes, more cleanliness. And the Jacaranda tree is standing proud, feeling more important now that the competition is gone. This morning it was thanking me for saving it, and gave me inspiration to write this for you…And it gave me the most wonderful Christmas Gift by showing me where to tie the hammock. Yes, I find reading while rocking in a hammock very very relaxing. I am into another world doing so….
Is’nt it just wonderful? I was just asking for removing a branch but with pure heart, and the Universe arranged for the so much more than that… ( I have got goose bumps writing this line). Your neighbor whom you have never seen for the past twelve months and you do not even know who he is, is appearing on the scene to make things right just at the right time. ( I call it “timing”)?
The moral of the story, rather the experience is that If you keep your heart pure and mind open, you would realize at the very dept of your soul  these kind of small messages are always being conveyed by the Universe. You just have to keep your antenna up. And The Universe is always conspiring in your favor to make your dreams come true. Just be pure, innoscent and sincere … cleanse your heart of all the debris and excess baggage, emotional burdens and open your mind (which is like tuning up, opening up your antenna to the signals of the Universe), and allow your spirits to sore…
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I know that this is a bit too long, and we are so stressed and overloaded by information influx in  the 21st Century. I would try to keep my messages contained within a paragraph. Only because what inspires me, also drives me to share my inspirations with like minded people who would like to wake up, by taking tiny little steps on the path of enlightenment….

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Out of body experience

It happened yesterday during mediation session ( between 11.30 and 12.30 pm). Including myself there were six of us – Merle, Anne, Yve, Mark, George and Me. I am deliberating giving names as what I am going to describe is unbelievable. So there are six witnesses to the event. I wish I could have out of body experience during meditation. Though I did experience it when I was having a near death experience ( drowning in river ganges in India with my wife over twenty years ago ). Out of the body experiences have been reported by thousands of people when facing extreme trauma, an accident, a heart attack etc. Psychology describes it dissociation of consciousness. I meditate half an hour with rising Sun and half an hour with setting Sun ( whenever I can ) and I do experience “inner witness” or “inner awakening” during meditation but have never experienced my consciousness getting out of my body.
It was George who experienced his consciousness ( call it the soul, or spirit ) flow out out his body, out of the window of the big hall we were meditating, and out to the open skies. When asked how he would describe his experience, he just had no words to do so. He just kept repeating, “ so beautiful “. Truly, there are no words to describe such an experience except with the energy coming out as “ awe” in a sense of “total wonder.” I did not want his mind to interpret this awesome, beautiful experience in words at that time and spoil the state of his inner bliss. But he did blame me for the experience which I accepted with grace and gratitude.
George has been meditating for many years but experienced it only yesterday. That is what happens, spiritual awakening happens in just a moment when it happens. Otherwise it may not happen in a life time or many life times. Blessed are those who go through such a divine experience which transforms their lives forever. I intend to follow up George’s case, interview him next time and bring you his own interpretation. Would even try to post his photo….
It certainly is a life changing experience for me. I truly believe that we are not human beings who go through an occasional spiritual experience. We are basically spiritual beings going through a human experience….
I am not very well versed with computers web page operations. But I am trying to put up studies, research material etc. about “ Journey to enlightenment” on my webpage. My next topic is “ Emptiness” – the first step on the journey to spiritual awakening. So please subscribe to my webpage, which is as following:
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Welcome to Yoga

A journey of  a thousand miles starts with one step. And this is your first step towards your journey, your quest for self- discovery. Yoga is an age old, time tested, holistic and wholistic discipline of happy and healthy living aiming at integration of your mind, body and spiritual self. It is your journey to enlightenment.

I am enclosing our leaflet and some photographs about our program, to give you an idea of the yoga postures, settings etc.

Also,  am in the process of putting up videos asana by asana with explainations on the youtube. To see, please visit: 

If you could forward this e-mail to your friends and relatives who could be interested in Yoga, that would be greatly appreciated.

Please do not hesitate to call me at 0418 809 140 should you require any further information / clarification on the subject.

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Official Website Launched

Please to finally launch a website for The Light of Yoga. Here you will find info for yoga classes, timings and other services offered.

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