Five steps towards your journey to self-discovery are:

  1. Satya – Purity / Truth.
  2. Swatantrata : – Freedom – not from yourself but “of ” yourself. Freedom from your ego.
  3. Sankalpa :- Will power to fuel your journey
  4. Sahas : – Courage to step ouf of your ego, embrace the change and take a leap of faith into the uncertainly.
  5. Sanyam : – Conserving your energies to travel inwards.

I will explain each and every of these progressive steps in my incoming blogs one by one.


There is nothing pure than truth. It is pure, absolute and eternal. It is not my truth, or your truth, it is always “The Truth”. We go way from our truthful self by :

  1. The lies we tell
  2. The Secrets we keep
  3. The Truth we hide

They tarnish the mirror of our conscience like spots of dirt. When you see your face in that spotted mirror, you see your face freckled. Freckles are not on the face but in the mirror you see in. If you see dirt around you is because your mirror is dirty. So clean the mirror of your inner conscience. And how do we do that? By

  1. Compassion
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Compassion





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I had the great fortune of spending last weekend ( 22nd to 24th May 2015 ) at Bamarang Bush Resort. My passion for yoga always inspires me to do yoga ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, with ANYBODY and with NOBODY. Hope my following experiences would inspire you to do the same…

Morning of 23rd May at 07.00 am.

We did Vinayasa Yoga at 07.00 am on 23rd May. Climbed up on the top of the mountain connect with the nature thereafter. It was quite a challenging climb but we made it to the top. And there, we sat for meditation, at the highest rock looking down at beautiful green meadows, cows grazing and lazing in the morning Sun, calm and quiet river flowing in the Valley and another mountain rising on the farther shore of the river. During Meditation, I felt myself growing larger and larger, expanding out of my body and turning into very bright white light. Very luminous and felt myself developing wings and jumping off the cliff. And it was such a divine experience of slowing flowing downwards ( like a hang glider ) slowly and slowly spiralling downwards and landing on the green meadow. After I landed on the green grass, all the cows slowing gathered around me, looking at me in great awe and wonder. At that time, I felt no less that Lord Krishna who used to take the cows for grazing. In fact I heard the sweet music of his flute all around me. And this out of body experience was most profound, can not be described in words.

Morning of 24th May at 07.00 am.


Practiced Ashtanga Yoga this morning, a bit more challenging and advanced. This time we walked through the meadows and sat on the bank or the river under a huge tree which seems to be there forever. I felt as if it was my ” Bodhi Tree”. ( Bodhi Tree is the tree under which Buddha got his enlightenment about 2,500 years ago. The descendant of this tree is still there in India ). And during meditation, my consciousness strated expanding beyond my body. It expanded in the shape of my body to start with but became shapeless, formless. And I am reaching higher, higher feeling as light as a cloud, flying to freedom, farther and farther away. And I felt myself reaching and touching the rising Sun…

Now here is the best part. I heard the Sun telling me, ” you bloody fool!!! ( Yes, literally, word by word ), ” you bloody food!!!” I have been reaching you each day and everyday without fail for the last 63 and a half years… ever since you were borne. Even though you might have seen raining, clooudy, but I have been there each day for you.  In fact, I have been reaching you for billions of years, but you would not understand that, so do not bother even trying to understand it. Your mind is not equipped to digest what I am ( THE SUN )  saying…and it is NOW after all these years you have got time to reach me???!!! IT’S ABOUT TIME. NOW STAY IN TOUCH…..

And that was just like switching flood lights in a dark space….. ( I am got goose bumps writing about it ). That is what Enlightenment is all about…… ( And this has been a life altering experience for me. I am in a state of constant floating….) I have never ever felt so free in my life…. free of all materials, relations, possessions, fears, FREE FROM MY OWN SELF….


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Published on Mar 23, 2015

Laughter is the best medicine. Even simulated laughter does wonders to your mood, physical and psychological behavior. It uplifts your consciousness to euphoric level.Because you brain does not the difference between simulated laughter from actual laughter though your mind does.
Sensing from every cell of your body that you are in a laughing mode, your brain released feel good harmones like endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin etc. Soothening your nervers, calming your mind and bringing peace to your heart.
Try it by yourself or with your friends and family.

Watch on:


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Is’nt it wonderful to hear from a old long lost classmate after half a Century??

Is’nt it great to hear from an old classmate after half a Century? ( I love to see it as half a Century rather than 50 years !). For the sake of friends who do not know Hindi, have translated Hindi words which is written in English script.

Hello school time classmate
I see your photo on facebook, aapki ankhen abhi bhee vaisee hee hain jaisee schooltime mein thee, ( YOUR EYES ARE THE SAME AS BEFORE) muje yadd hai ke aapki family ne school library banwai thee, ( I REMEMBER YOUR FAMILY DONATED SCHOOL LIBRARY BUILDING ) aap first bencher thhe,scoler thhe, ( YOU WERE FIRST BENCHER SCHOLAR ) bakki aapki aur se kuch likhne ke bad, ( REST AFTER YOUR WRITING SOMETHING )
Kamal Kapoor

Well Kamal, thank you for your kind words. Thanks for reminding such wonderful childhood we spent together. And thanks to this social media who is bringing old long lost friends together….

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Yoga is Back


After an ordeal of over three months, yoga classes have been resumed at 06.00 pm daily. Prior booking is essential.

Please call me at 0418 409 140 or 02 9345 5205 to book for a group / family session, private / one-on-one session for a mutually convenient date and time.

I had to ultimate build a fence for the neighbour and can’t help wondering if the principle of  ” Love thy neighbour ” has changed to ” Build fences for thy neighbour ” in modern times??

Anyway, all is well that ends well. The Truth has ultimately prevailed and usual. And I feel so very happy –  like child who has been given back his most favourite toy …

You are also welcomed to book for Meditation, Kundalini Yoga and Tantric Yoga sessions too.


You are welcomed to book for Meditation Classes too.

You are welcomed to book for Meditation Classes too.

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SUKH RAJ DEEPAK <[email protected]>
1 message
SUKH RAJ DEEPAK <[email protected]> Sun, Aug 10, 2014 at 12:17 PM
Most of you are already aware of the developments. Here is an update on revival of Yoga classes which is self-explanatory. I am now just a step away from reviving Yoga and Meditation classes at my Yoga Centre:
To: “[email protected]” <[email protected]>
Hello Ms. Anne,
Hope you have had a great weekend.
Submitting herewith the following facts for your kind perusal and consideration.
It has been over two months since my neighbour complained about the Yoga Classes. Using full powers of
the Council, she was successful in stopping the classes. But I was assured by the Council repeatedly that I
could resume the Yoga Classes as soon as the Fire Safety measures are installed in both dwellings of 1191,
Anzac Parade, Malabar, NSW-2036. As per the directions of the Council six optical smoke alarms, with
interlink cable connected with electricity were installed in both the dwellings. Report to this effect was sent
to you on 28th July 2014.
Issues were subsequently raised about the size, positioning and materials used for erection of over three
year old yoga shelter. A whole lot of data, facts and figures from M/s Bluescope Steel and the builder M/s
Tarnell Constructions Pty. Ltd. were submitted. Your manager has kindly considered the whole case and
cleared the structure.
And now, another issue of drainage has been raised. As explained in my e-mail of 7th Aug. the rainwater is
being fed to three garden beds approximately of the same area as the roof. There has never been any
problem in getting this water absorbed by the beds over the past three years. The soil is basically all sand,
very thirsty soil which can probably absorb more than double the amount of water coming from the
downpipe. (I was told that this area was known as Botany Sands before). As advised by your morning phone
call on 7th August, I have been consulting plumbing and drainage experts ever since. According to them,
this is arrangement of feeding the rainwater into the garden bed is quite sufficient . I have also learned
through them only, that the Government gives rebate for installation rainwater tanks. If it meets with your
approval, I can further install a rainwater tank which would feed not only the three beds but also the rest of
the garden. Considering how valuable and scarce water is for all of us, the Council should have no objection
to this system or recycling the water into the garden.
In any case, the matter of drainage is a totally separate issue which has no connection whatsoever of any
kind with the running of yoga classes.
You are therefore requested to kindly allow me to resume over ten year’s old tradition of yoga and
meditation classes and thus allowing me to continue to serve the community.
0418409140 or 02 9345 5205.
www.fashionspectrum .com .au .au /sukhraj.deepak /sukhrajdeepak

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The Sun rose on the horizon giving the message of total and absolute freedom – the only thing I value over family. And my mind immediately put up a question during the usual half an hour of meditation  – freedom from what? And the answer came, ” freedom from YOW – Your Own Web.”

We are all so familiar with www – world wide web, what about your own web – YOW? Which is woven by our ego through all the secrets we keep and the lies we tell, through inner conflicts and mental torments, through the yarn of anger, frustrations, fears. Through burning desires, unfulfilled wishes??

We live in shadowlands, believing that peace is out there somewhere, Sun is shining somewhere else, happiness is out there to grab, freedom is somewhere else to be conquered.

Freedom does not come through winning wars, conquering battles which could only give you momentary happiness through material gains, more power, a higher position perhaps.

According to Karma Yoga:

Forgiveness is the only weapon through which you can gain freedom. Forgiving yourself for your own actions, forgiveness of other’s actions that hurt you – for the sake of your own good and not necessarily for the sake of the person you forgive. Because until you do not forgive, you can not be free. Free from YOW, which we keep weaving around ourselves and one day get trapped in it like a spider trapped in its own web. The only world a spider knows is limited to its own web.

According to Dhayan Yoga:

Lord Christ said, ” Truth shall set you free”. This is the Mantra for inner freedom which is the doorway to your inner soul. We often confuse “Facts” with “Truth”. Facts could change over time, but truth is absolute, eternal, unborn, unending… It may be a fact that you have became a king or a queen in your dream, but it is not true. But we are living in a constant dream like state seeing the things the way we want to see, blinded and driven by desires, hopes and aspirations. Our perception is coloured by the glasses we wear. Truth would dawn upon you only when you have come out of the tyranny of your senses and the prison of your mind. Then only you would be truly  be free to see the reality as it is and not as you want it to be.

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Or Sunset - happy ending?

Is it Sunrise -new begining?

Realisation is the top rung of the ladder of knowledge.

Bottom run starts from :
We live in the age of information overload. Thanks to the internet, there is so much influx of information available at the touch of a button that you can’t cover it even in a million of lifetimes…
And what good is that information unless it evolves to higher stages, i.e. from information to
is when the information is absorbed by an individual. But it is like a food which has not yet been digested. So understanding has to evolve to the next rung on the step, i.e.
is understanding digested by the individual like when food digested, converts into energy. Next step is:
is knowledge adopted in a lifestyle. You not only know the truth, you live the truth..
is the final stage when living the truth sets you free….
Here is a little write up when I was dealing with the loss of a loved one :
” I have met a mate in my soul.
A very pleasant spring happened in my life recently, so pleasant like rain in the desert. The experience took me to the very heights of ecstasy and when it ended, I drowned to the very depths of despair and loss…..
A very dear friend guided me to address the Universe with my problem. If I articulate my experience with the Universe in words, it would be like a question answer session as following ( the Universe bombarding me with questions, probably very very angry at my foolishness) :
Q. Did you earn the spring season which happened in your life recently?
A. No Sir.
Q. Did you deserve it?
A. No Sir?
Q. Did you own it?
A. No Sir.
Q. Then how can you lose what you did not own at the very first place?
    Why are you grieving the loss which never happened. Which is only in your mind..
     Why are you confusing a life situation with life itself ? A wave with the Ocean ?
     Why do you think when the wave ends, it is the ending of the ocean?
     What stops you from thinking that the wave has not ended, but it has become the ocean?
     Does’nt life go on after an event or a situation has ended?
     Why don’t you understand the cycle of life? Changing of seasons in a rythmic pattern? That the spring would come
      again in due time…. In the mean time, why don’t you enjoy summer, rain and winter too?
     Why are you resisting the flow of life? Why don’t you let life flow naturally?
I do not know how much this blabber mean to you. ( You can just discard it as working of a tormented mind ).
But meditating on the above questions did give me a lot of relief, and deeper understanding of the working of the Universe and the meaning of life….
It has helped me coming back to the centre of my inner being …..

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A deep sense of stillness and emptiness is often the experience reported by many people during their  initial stages of meditation. 

Emptiness is not the lack of something. It is the deepest connection with our inner space. Space is the womb of the Universe. Space is the womb of creation. It is one of the five elements any creation is composed of. (Other four being – water, fire, air and earth).Even the science now recognises that before the big bang, there was space. Nothing happens without space…Even time stands still in the context of unlimited, vast and open space. As time is not a commodity that you measure in hours and minutes. Time is a continuum. Time is not passing, we are passing through time. Similarly space is not around you, you are in the space. In that vastness of space, in that eternal emptiness, there is no past, there is no future, only the present….

What do you see in this picture. Emptiness, Space or Rainbow

What do you see in this picture. Emptiness, Space or Rainbow


Is it emptiness or space?

Is it emptiness or space?


Do you see the tree or the space around it?

Do you see the tree or the space around it?


We are used to seeing the space all around us, but we do not realise that it is we who are in the space. There is no qualitative difference between our inner and outer space. When our sense of ego dies, inner space becomes one with the outer space, because our ego which is like a wall seems to be dividing the two spaces breaks down. And two spaces become one. The duality of existence ends. In Sanskrit, the word is “Advaita” that there is only “one” existence. Where the duality of existence ends, that state of equinox, that state of inner equilibrium is the state of deep meditation.

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